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Epoxy Proven Process

Company History

1992 - We acquire the Epoxical brand of products from USG and begin manufacturing epoxy and polyurethane tooling systems under the company name, Epoxical.

1994 - We add the brand Composite Polymer Design (now Custom Polymer Designs).  We formulate and manufacture epoxy resins used to build composite parts.  We venture into markets outside of tooling including marine and aerospace.

1996 - We manufacture epoxy tooling boards, polyurethane foundry boards and sell them around the world.

2000 - We build our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility that houses our current offices, laboratories and plant.

Epoxy Manufacturing Facility

Endurance Technologies Home Office in

South St. Paul, Minnesota

2006 - We have a major plant fire.  As devastating as this is to our facility no one is harmed and our employees stand strong.  We get help from many friends all over the country to continue manufacturing and servicing our customers.

2007 - We move back into our facility and change our name to Endurance Technologies.  We change our focus to liquid epoxy and polyurethane business instead of tooling board.

2012 -  We make another addition to our company with the acquisition of MAS Epoxies.  This enables us to provide small packages of high quality materials to the marine market all over the country.

2017 - We acquire Bristol Finish and add a line of coatings for UV protection to our growing retail line of products.  We are now able to supply a product that will protect our epoxy from the sun.  

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