Custom Polymer Designs is a trusted brand in the marine industry, for infusion projects, tooling and much more. We provide epoxy and polyurethane thermoset resins to innovative customers across many industries including, but not limited to:  Boat building, Infrastructure, Recreational Composites, Tooling, Carbon Fiber Composite Construction and Aerospace.

Resin Systems for:


Infusion is growing increasingly popular due to it's precise saturation of composite parts.  We have worked with infusion specialists like Andre Cocqyt to formulate our various infusion resins.  

CPD Infusion Products Guide


Our start as an epoxy manufacturer was with tooling systems.  We have the full system you need from casting resins to surface coats.  These systems range from cost-effective to high temperature.

CPD Tooling Products Guide

Wood Laminating & Marine Construction

We have supplied epoxy resins and hardeners to cold-molded boat builders for over twenty years. 

CPD Marine Guide

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

We offer room temperature and elevated temperature hand layup systems that suit various needs in constructing FRP parts.

CPD Engineered Systems Guide


Our Cured in Place Pipe products have been sold all over the country.  These products are specifically formulated for use in the field and we offer private labeling services if desired.


Snap Cure

Snap Cure or Latent cure epoxy systems provide flexibility and time savings.  We offer snap cure options for various applications including, infusion, VARTM, hand-layup and others.

CPD Snap Cure Guide

Product Literature

CPD Product Guides

Find a product recommendation using our Product Literature.

We got our start by creating custom formulations so if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, call us for a technical recommendation.