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About MAS Epoxies
Non-Blushing System

Simple to use and great quality strength and finish.  Our 2:1 Non-blushing epoxy system will make any construction project a breeze.

Wood Epoxy Products

Epoxy Resin Systems for:

Wood Laminating
Penetrating Wood Rot
Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Underwater Repair
Table Top Coating
Fairing Applications

All MAS Epoxies products were designed with ease of use in mind.  Our start was with Low Viscosity and FLAG Resins that mixed with hardeners at a 2:1 ratio and were NON-Blushing.  Small pack sizes can be purchased from our distributors around the country.  Check out the various applications that we have created custom products for.  

Technical Literature

Technical Literature

For more information on individual products visit the MAS Epoxies Website.

Want to Sell MAS Epoxies?

Reach out to us to learn about Distribution and Dealership Opportunities.  Just tell us about your company and current product lines to get started.

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