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Other Brands

Other brands that we manufacture or have sold in the past include EPOXICAL, E-Z Poxy, Cast-A-Form and Performance Polymers Industries Products. 


Original tooling products and company name before adoption of Endurance Technologies, Inc.  This brand was known for its tooling board specifically.

CoPoxy Epoxy Logo
E-Z Poxy Epoxy Logo
Performance Polymers Industries
Cast-A-Form Logo


These products were designed for cold-molded boats.  We still sell this technology under our CPD Brand.

E-Z Poxy

Epoxy resins primarily sold into the experimental and home-build aircraft industry.

PPI or Performance Polymers Industries

Products sold to the general industrial and floor coating industries.  


Wash away mandrel technology sold alongside our tooling products to offer a unique solution for complex parts.

Technical Literature

Cast-A-Form Technical Data Bulletin

Cast-A-Form Instructions for Use

For additional technical resources for any of the brands listed above use our
Technical Data Request Form
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