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Epoxy & Varnish Tie the Knot

Over the years we have received the question, "how do I protect my epoxy from the sun?" countless times. Now we have an answer. We are now manufacturing and selling Bristol Finish to combat this common epoxy enemy, UV Exposure. We are excited to streamline production in our facility and offer these products through our existing distribution.

We would like to introduce you to Bristol Finish. To learn more we encourage you to check out the website at

Traditional Amber

Traditional Amber was developed to replace varnish as a longer lasting coating by Marshall Nix. He wanted something that would last more than one season in the consistent Florida sun. And so Bristol Finish Traditional Amber was born and sold as one of the first two part varnish replacements on the market. It has been trusted by sailors, power boaters and hobbyists for over twenty years. Learn more or Try Bristol to see for yourself!

Bristol Finish Traditional Amber

UV Clear

By bringing the manufacturing in-house we have been able to add a new product that works like the Bristol Finish Traditional Amber, but is colorless. Bristol Finish UV Clear is designed to protect wood and epoxy as well as carbon fiber parts from the sun and other elements. It will protect carbon fiber from yellowing in the sun and can be used to show the true color of wood grain with UV protection. We're excited to have this new offering available to all Bristol Finish users!

Bristol Finish UV Clear

Classic Clear

Classic Clear was designed as a one-part interior coating that is easy to use and low-odor for confined spaces. It has been used for boat interiors and architectural woodwork as a protective coating. Since it is a one part you do not need to measure or mix before coating with Classic Clear. Just another reason why it is such a great urethane coating. It is highly abrasion resistant and can be used on floors with great results.

Bristol Finish Classic Clear

To stay informed on updates and new locations to buy Bristol Finish Products follow @BristolFinish on Instagram and Facebook.


Check out to learn more or call us to place an order!

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